Beautiful food starts with beautiful ingredients. Use this page to explore the wonderful Canadian farms and mills where we source our ingredients.



Beautiful food starts with beautiful ingredients. Use this page to explore the wonderful Canadian farms and mills where we source our ingredients.


As our guest we believe you'd want to know more about the origin and quality of the food we prepare and serve. We're completely committed to finding only the very freshest and finest ingredients for use in our kitchens and thats why we've included this information on our website. Please take a moment to explore the wonderful (and in most cases sustainable) Canadian farms and mills where we source the foods that make it onto our menus and ultimately your plate.



CedarVilla is the pride of Paul and Timothy Klopp, a sixth generation father & son team on their 150 acre farm between Lake Huron and the Village of Zurich. Here at Abruzzi we use CedarVilla pork, raised locally in uncrowded, loose housing and fed without growth hormones, for our house made charcuterie. Abruzzi is also pleased to present CedarVilla Black Angus beef, fed exclusively on pasture, hay and mixed grains, as part of our in house dry aging program.

CedarVilla Website

Your Family's Butcher Shoppe

Proudly Canadian owned and operated, Your Family's Butcher Shoppe is a modern, top quality butchers selling high standard local produce to Woodstock and the surrounding communities in Southern Ontario. We take great pride in selecting the very best in high quality healthy fresh meats for our customers and their families. All the pork, dry aged beef and chicken we use here at Abruzzi is from Your Family's Butcher Shoppe.

Your Family's Butcher Shoppe Facebook Page

Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese


Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese is a small artisan cheese plant nestled within the rolling hills of Gunn's Hill Rd. in Oxford County, Ontario. This small scale artisan cheese plant is the result of years of dreaming and planning by owner, operator and cheese maker Shep Ysselstein. The cheeses produced at Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese are truly unique although you can taste the Swiss influence from techniques and recipes Shep learned while making cheese in the Swiss Alps.

Gunn's Hill Website

Arva Flour Mill


Arva Flour Mills, in Arva, Ontario, , first established in 1819, on the banks of the Medway Creek, is Canada's oldest continuously operating water powered flour mill and perhaps the oldest in North America. We use Arva flour in all our house made pastas, pizza bases and desserts.

Arva Flour Mill Website

Little Sister's Chicken


Little Sisters Chicken have a mission is to raise the most nutritiously dense chicken, while giving them a higher quality of life and being as environmentally conscientious as they can in the process.  As a family operated farm, they are excited to raise happy chickens in a natural environment in order to provide our customers with the best meat possible.

Little Sisters Chicken Website

Organic Ocean


Organic Ocean are a small group of independent fishermen who believe in sustainability and dealing directly with their customers. By adopting ocean-friendly, sustainable and responsible harvesting practices, Organic Ocean products have become coveted by the leading chefs across Canada, the USA and even Hong Kong. By providing the finest seafood to those who care about what they eat, Organic Ocean is also helping to ensure the long term health of our oceans for the benefit of future generations.

Organic Ocean Website

Loco Fields 


Loco Fields is an organic socially responsible farm in Perth County, about 13 kilometres northeast of Stratford The land and crops are cared for by Ryan Bergman with generous help from friends and family. Loco Fields provide the delicious vegetables used in our foods including heirloom varieties.  

Loco Fields on Twitter

Edesia Fine Foods 


Edesia Fine Foods, who started out as Poge Imports in 1986, are a leading southwestern Ontario-based purveyor of fresh seafood to local restaurants. Over the years their product list has grown to encompass a full line of fresh, sustainable fish and seafood items, 80 kinds of cheese, more than 1,000 dry goods and a host of locally-produced items, including speciality products like the wild mushrooms that have found their way onto our menu.

 Edesia Foods Website

Blanbrook Bison Farm


Established in May of 1992 with 13 bison, Blanbrook Bison Farm has grown to a herd of approximately 100 head. This family run operation by Bruce and Shirley Mills and their two children produces delicious and nutritious Bison meat that is low in fat, cholesterol and calories while being a great source of iron. No growth hormones are used on their bison at all.

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